Dinner is Served

by Albert

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released June 25, 2012

Harry - vocals
Pedro - guitars
Dimitris - bass
Andreas - drums

All songs and lyrics written by ALBERT except (1) written by ALBERT & Mits and (5),(6) written by ALBERT & Apostolis Leloudas.

Recorded, mixed & engineered at Studio 111 Arniotis
by Costas and Aggelos Arniotis.
Produced by Costas Arniotis and ALBERT.
Photographs were taken at Acid Life Studio.
Crew: Maria Papamichail (photographer), Margarita Moneda (make-up artist), Thanos Nioras (lights).
Cover and booklet design by ALBERT.




Albert Αθήνα, Greece

Albert was founded in 2001, inside a dark hole that some people called it a studio. Released 2 CDs in 2001 and 2003 with cover songs just for the fun of it.
In 2006 the band was reformed with new members and took the path of Thrash Metal and began composing original material. In 2012 they released "Dinner is Served", a classic Thrash album with a hint of blood, some aliens and a touch of politics.
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Track Name: The Attack of 138
The sun was disappearing
Darkness was all around
All living creatures running away
They have started to attack

Zillions of spaceships landing
Lasers burnt everything down
Animals and men were dying
Was this our epitaph?

Darkness! Despair! Death
Run away! Run away! (x2)

The war lasted for decades
Humanity tried to survive
But the chances were all against us
Are we all going to die?

Tried to make a new beginning
Built new cities underground
But the bastards were above us
thinking ways to wipe us out...

Darkness! Despair! Death
Hide away! Hide away! (x2)

Those are mankind’s last hours
Annihilation is near this time
Aliens head to another planet
They left a dead one behind

Darkness! Despair! Death
All are dead! All are dead! (x2)
Track Name: The Dark Batallion
The Dark Battalion
Your apathetic lives!

With us!
Or feel!
Our rage and wrath.

And we!
Will hunt you down.

(chorus x2)
Manipulation of the weak
We’ll torture you and make you bleed
Propaganda for the Dark
Light is dead! All (things) are black!

Has come!
And Satan!
Will walk on Earth again.

Of good!
Is closing!
As time is passing by.

Your faith!
Won’t save!
You from!
Our shields and mighty swords.

The only!
Is blood!
And pain!


Legions of Evil
Show no mercy
Torture! Rape! Kill!
Slash them all, praise our Lord!

Has come!
For Him!
To take His throne again.

In front!
Of Him!
Obey His thoughts and wills.

Is dead!
And dark!
Will soon prevail again.
Of flies
Will soon arise!

(chorus x2)

To serve!
Or die!
From hands of Lucifer.
Hell’s unleashed!
Embrace, our Lord!
Track Name: Resist!
Kicking through the days
of the terrified mind
Misery, destruction
and bloody death!
Fear, pain and suffering
rule the human kind
Kick of the anger
on the useless head!

Digging through the soul
but there’s nothing there to find
Foul maggots eat
our rotten flesh!
Nothing’s really there to see,
we are fucking blind
Filthy puppets
breeding on the bed.

(chorus x2)
They kill, they steal, they burn,
The future of our lives,
And burn the bloody suckers!

Dragging through a life
that has no real meaning
Anger that explodes
in the head!
Drugged to the point
that destroys every feeling
Apathy alone moves the earth!

Revolting indulgence of a
fake senseless dreaming
Money, corruption
and glorious death!
Explosion in the guts of
a silent deadly screaming

Nuke the fucking planet
to the end!

(chorus x2)

I wanted to write some words about anger, about corruption,
about the dead future. But I knew it could not be done anymore, I needed something sharper than my cold pen.

Words are to be written with fire, words need to be written in blood, words must turn into absolute chaos.. To bring this system down, we need to go to war!

Tear down the walls
of the prison in our minds
Justice erupting from our head!
Execute the bastards
that are sucking our lives
Parasites that ought
to be dead!

Hang the politicians,
erase their crapping lies
Watch them swinging
by the neck!
The time has come
to claim our life and rights
No more leaders, it’s your end!

(chorus x2)
Track Name: Betrayal
Once a true friend,
now an enemy
Steals your trust,
breaks your family
Knows your secret
and your fantasy
Now you’re broken,
your fiend is chosen

Hatred, Lies and Betrayal (x2)
Betrayal! Betrayal!

Trusting someone
every day
Believing them
to always say,
The truth but now
it’s too late
Everything now
is full of hate…

Hatred, Lies and Betrayal (x2)
Betrayal! Betrayal!
Track Name: Pure Pleasure
Waking up by screams and cries
Try to live as my bro dies
Stretch my arm to grab my gun
I can’t find it, but I have to stay calm
Zombies running everywhere
Trying to get away from them
Damn you fuckers have to slice you all
I got to grab something and watch you fall

KILL! By naked hand!
RIP! Your fucking guts!

Everything covered with blood
Smashed their heads like
you do to a bug
What a pleasure to cut their necks!
Hands legs everywhere but what the heck…

…Weeks have passed
but still on my own
Slaughtering zombies,
but I’m alone
I’ll try to find others to join
But until then, I’ll slash and keep going.

KILL! By naked hand!
RIP! Your fucking guts!
Track Name: A Dream of Sadness
I, am awake in a dream
full of sadness
my chest being crushed
by the sorrow of the world
on the top of a hill
I am freezing
And my eyes bleed with tears as I watch the…

of Sadness
in Blood! Pain! Fear! Death!

To the West, golden wheels crash the souls of men
Flesh and blood build the bricks for the Altar of Greed
To the East, blackened blood fuels the hatred
And the Dragon grins in pleasure as he gently rises up.

To the North, the ancient cold is descending
World will flood by the wrath of the great primal force
To the South, little Gods
on their bone thrones
Drink the blood and eat the flesh of their mutilated children


I, am alive in a world
full of sadness
My soul has been crushed
by the sorrow of the world
On the top of a hill
I am dying
But my eyes will still bleed
as my body turns to dust…